Fenland Flyers bounce back to action in impressive style

Fenland Flyers Trampoline and DMT Club at Hemel Hempstead

Members of the Fenland Flyers Trampoline and DMT Club took part in a friendly event at Hemel Hempstead as they returned to competition after a two-year absence. - Credit: Fenland Flyers

Fenland Flyers bounced back into the groove after a two-year absence. 

Members of the trampoline and DMT club took part in a friendly competition at Hemel Hempstead as competitors prepared for next year’s routines. 

Newcomer Poppy Taylor, who competed in her first trampoline competition, came fifth in her age group while Keira Fines won third spot and a medal. 

Bella and Hetti Featherstone-Dance and Amelia Gee took second in the team event. 

In the double mini trampoline category, nearly all of the club’s entrants won a medal, as well as team gold. 

Head coach Adele Broda said: “I am super proud of how all the gymnasts have come back into training.  

“Their determination to learn new moves and routine combinations has been outstanding.” 

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Club Level 2: 11-12 Girls Tilly Pease = 6th 

Club Level 3: 11-12 Girls Poppy Taylor = 5th 

Club Level 3: 13-14 Girls Chloe Cowan = 6th 

Regional Level 1: 13-17 Ladies Emma Morgan = 10th 

Regional Level 2: 11-12 Girls Keira Fines = 3rd 

Regional Level 2: 13-14 Girls Kate Pattingale = 8th 

Regional Level 2: 15+ Ladies Sky Dornan-Baker = 14th 

Regional Level 3: 11-14 Boys Reilly Anderson = 6th 

Regional Level 3 :15+ Ladies Millie Rooney = 9th, Lily Colledge = 16th 

Regional Level 4 :15-16 Ladies Amelia Gee = 6th, Hetti Featherstone = 7th, Bella Featherstone = 8th Team 2nd 

Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) 

Club Level 2: 11-12 Girls Keira Fines = 1st 

Club Level 2: 13+ Ladies Sky Dornan-Baker = 1st, Kate Pattingale = 4th 

Regional Level 1: 13+ Men Reilly Anderson = 1st 

Regional Level 1: 13+ Ladies Millie Rooney = 3rd 

Regional Level 2: 11+ Ladies Hetti Featherstone = 1st, Bella Featherstone = 2nd, Amelia Gee = 3rd Team 1st.