Letter: Why not come and join the Fenland Independents Alliance?

Cllr Fred Yeulett, Cllr Mike Cornwell, Cllr Michelle Tanfield and Cllr Will Sutton. 

The Fenland ‘gang of four’; Councillors who all quit the Conservative whip on Fenland Council in 2019. Left to right: Cllr Fred Yeulett, Cllr Mike Cornwell, Cllr Michelle Tanfield and Cllr Will Sutton. - Credit: HARRY RUTTER

Come and join us

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in Independent/minor party candidate successes in local elections – as an example, The Fenland Independents Alliance (FIA) consists of 10 Independents, two liberal Democrats and a Green Party member.

They now hold one third of the seats on Fenland District Council. The Independents, holding 10 seats, make up a quarter of the total council seats, the largest opposition group for many years, and they and others hold a growing number of seats on town and parish councils.

Now that the Government has announced that the elections due on May 6 are going ahead there may be a number of Fenland residents who are considering standing as Independents/non-aligned party in those elections but who may be put off from standing for various reasons.

The FIA Independent members are offering their support and advice to anyone considering such a move.

Just email your contact details to the following address and a member will contact you to discuss how we can support and assist you.

Up for grabs locally (although others may become vacant) are

~ ALL Cambridgeshire County Council wards (nine in Fenland)

Most Read

~ in Whittlesey, Town and Fenland District in Lattersey ward

Town only in Stonald ward

~ in Wisbech, Town only in Octavia Hill ward

[Additionally, there will be elections for the Mayor of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and the police and crime commissioner but maybe, or not, they are a step too far for any beginner and they require a substantial deposit to stand.]

So, if you are interested, why not seek help NOW as it takes a while to get organised. We really can freely help you.

Generally, people are fed up with party political dogma. Politicians are not trusted. Support for political parties is on the wane. But local decisions do not need political input. Independent local people truly representing their communities is by far the best way forward.

Why not come and join us? Email fenlandindependentsalliance@gmail.com

CLLR MIKE CORNWELL, Fenland Independents Alliance leader