Fenland man stole prized Metro and crashed it whilst over the limit, magistrates told

A CAR owner described how he has struggled to get by after the vehicle he lovingly restored was stolen by a March man at a summer festival.

Bobby Hawkins told Huntingdon magistrates how the loss of his Rover Metro at the festival the Secret Garden Party in Abbots Ripton last July had an “enormous impact” on his life.

Scott Smith, 28, of New Park (off Creek Road), March, pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drink, driving while disqualified and without insurance, aggravated vehicle taking, and causing damage to another vehicle.

The court heard how Mr Hawkins returned to find the car gone and only broken glass and a windscreen wiper in its place.

Several hours later, Paul Kirkwood and his wife were woken by a car alarm going off. The couple, who lived on the B1090 near Abbots Ripton, approached a car waiting outside.

The driver said he had broken down and was waiting for a friend but 15 minutes later they were again disturbed when they heard the sound of a vehicle crashing, and saw the first car driving off at speed.

They discovered Mr Hawkins’ Metro, which had been crashed into a railway fence, and contacted police.

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Smith was stopped by police travelling in his friend’s car and arrested at 5.10am.

A breath test showed he had 45 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml. The legal limit is 35mg. His handprint was found on the roof of the Metro and traces of his blood were identified on the off-side door.

Mr Hawkins said: “This has had an enormous impact on my life. It has left me annoyed and angry that someone would take my car and do this without permission or care.

“I am unable to get a job and unable to maintain full-time employment due to not being able to travel.”

Smith will be sentenced on February 7.

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