Fenland MP supports Government’s spending review

FENLAND MP, Stephen Barclay, has spoken today in support of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Following the Chancellors announcement today, the MP for North East Cambs said: “The review shows that the Government is acting in the national interest to tidy up the mess left by Labour. “We must deal with our debts now to ensure prosperity in the future. Even after these cuts we will still be paying �63 billion in debt interest – a shameful legacy for labour to have left the country with.”

He went on to say: “These spending cuts must also be put in context. Spending is only being reduced in real terms to the level of 2008, so the idea that a large number of front line services will have to be cut does not make sense when these services were affordable in 2008.”

Mr Barclay said fairness was at the heart of the plans and that important priorities had been supported. He explained: “All sections of society are going to be contributing their fair share to tackling the deficit, whilst the most vulnerable are protected. I am also pleased that we have ensured fairness by ring fencing NHS spending and increasing the schools budget which will go up from �35 billion to �39 billion over the next four years.” Contrary to the scare mongering before the last election, he said the Government had honoured its commitment to protect key benefits for older and vulnerable people, including Winter Fuel Payments, free eye tests, prescriptions, free bus passes and TV licences. In addition, temporary increases to Cold Weather Payments will be made permanent.

Mr Barclay also commented on Child Benefit and said: ‘whilst we had to make some tough decisions on removing Child Benefit from higher earners I am pleased to see that it will still be paid to the majority of parents until their children leave full time education at 18 or in some cases even 19.’

He said the review would radically reform public services, stripping away waste and redistributing power away from central government to the local level. Mr Barclay said: “At this time when finance is tight we must squeeze every penny possible from waste and administration, which is exactly what this review has done.”

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