Fenland primary school continues to celebrate its European links

A FENLAND primary school is continuing to celebrate its links with Europe as it heads towards renewing its Intermediate Level International School Award.

mneth Primary School with the help of the British Council and Norfolk Education and Action for Development (NEAD) has given pupils the opportunity to get involved in a project learning about Spain and refresh their links with a French school in Toulouse.

A Spanish speaker visited the school and taught the pupils Spanish dance and other cultural traditions. It culminated in a presentation at Lynnsport with other local Norfolk schools.

Class teacher, Andrea Pullen, continued the international theme with an Easter job-shadowing visit to Toulouse. This involved teaching in a local School and learning French at the university.

Ms Pullen said:” It was a working holiday, but a fantastic opportunity for me to learn by immersing in French life.

“The French children were really keen to practise their English on me. It is hoped a return visit by a French teacher can be arranged and projects set up to further the links.”

Joanne Borley, the school’s head teacher, said: “Emneth Primary is keen to give its pupils opportunities to learn primary Languages through real life contexts and continue its European links.”

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Simon Williams, head of EU programmes at the British Council said: “We congratulate Emneth Primary on the great work they have done through the Comenius programme and wish them continued success.

“International school partnerships help to build trust and understanding between different cultures, broaden pupils’ horizons, bring languages and other subjects to life in the classroom, and equip young people with the skills and understanding they need to become global citizens.”

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