Fenland return for Robin Sissons as Cambridgeshire Police shuffle their inspectors

POLICE chief Robin Sissons will return to Fenland next year by replacing Andy Sullivan as Sector Inspector for Wisbech.

Insp Sissons will take over from Insp Sullivan, who is moving to Peterborough as part of a reshuffle at Cambridgeshire Police - titled Operation Redesign.

In an e-mail to Wisbech Town Council, Insp Sullivan said: “I am sure you are all aware that Cambs police, like many other organisations, is having to reorganise itself and as a result of Operation Redesign it was announced on Friday that I will be moving to Peterborough to take up another role.

“I do not know a date for this move but I’m sure it won’t be too long. The person replacing me is Insp Robin Sissons, you may know that he has already been the March and Wisbech Sector Inspector so has a good knowledge of Fenland issues.”

Insp Sissons was Sector Inspector for March from October 2006-08 before becoming Sector Inspector for Wisbech from 2008-09. He has held similar positions at Huntingdon, Parkside, in Cambridge, and East Cambridgeshire.

A police spokesman said: “The force is restructuring to deliver local policing within existing local authority and community safety partnership boundaries.

“Inspector Robin Sissons will be returning to Fenland next year as part of the moves for the future local policing structure which will consist of six geographic areas: Peterborough, Fenland, Huntingdonshire, East Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge city.

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“Working at this local level is the most appropriate way to respond to community needs and avoid a one size fits all policing approach to local issues.

“Using these areas as our local policing boundaries will encourage colleagues to continue to work closely with their partners and communities on the issues that matter most to local people.

“However, we’re still in the planning stages and it is unlikely anything will happen until the new year.”

Insp Sullivan thanked Wisbech Town Council for “all the assistance you have given me in dealing with issues whilst I was the March and then the Wisbech Sector Inspector.”

He added: “Once I know a date for the move I will let you know and I’m sure Robin will be contacting you to say hello.”

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