Fenland Rural Road Safety Action Network

I WROTE recently on behalf of the Fenland Rural Road Safety Action Network (FFRSAN) to highlight concerns by Guyhirn residents that action was not being taken quickly enough to reduce the speed limit on High Road.

I reported that the January Highways Area Joint Committee (AJC) meeting had been cancelled and that we intended to present the petition at the meeting on 1st April. It was therefore a shock to be informed that the April meeting has been cancelled as well! The reason given is lack of business requiring a decision. We find this unacceptable and are amazed at the way the County Council are treating this matter. It appears that petitions are not considered important and are an inconvenience to the County Council, by the manner in which they are dealing with valid concerns raised by Guyhirn villagers. I believe this indicates a dismissive approach and culture to petitions at the county council! I hope I am proved wrong when we eventually get the opportunity to present the petition.

This also means that the Highways AJC will not have met for 9 months by the time of the next scheduled meeting in July. With the number of serious road accidents in the Fenland area this is unbelievable and suggests that road safety is not as high a priority as it should be. More action and commitment is clearly needed by the County Council on this serious issue.


Chairman - Rural Road Safety Action Network

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