Fenland’s Friday group for dementia sufferers and their carers will continue despite funding setback

SOME of your readers may be aware that The Alzheimer’s Society tried to close down the Friday group which meets every week from 10am-3pm at Salem Court, Chatteris.

Members are people with mild to moderate dementia and their carers. The reason the society gave was that funding from the Social Care budget was not carried forward to this financial year.

However, the staff and volunteers at the group have learned that it knew this time last year that funding (�15,000) was only to be for one year but neglected to tell the staff or volunteers until it was effectively too late to do anything about it.

The good news is that we intend to carry on our service as we believe it provides much needed activities and stimulation for those with dementia, together with support and respite time for some carers.

We are in the process of forming a community group and will be seeking funding from various sources. Roddons has kindly agreed to let us continue using the community room and kitchen at Salem Court.

We do need a treasurer and a secretary so if anyone is able to give a little time to help it would be wonderful.

There are also a number of places available at the group and we would be pleased to hear from carers who think their loved ones are able to come.

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At present we have members from Somersham, March, Chatteris and Wisbech. The cost is only �6.50 for the day which includes a two-course lunch.

Carers are welcome to contact us at Salem Court or just pop in for a chat.

We are very grateful for the huge support we have had from friends in the area who recognise what a marvellous resource this is for people with this devastating condition and hope your newspaper can help us carry on this work.


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