Fenland’s proposed council tax rise could be significant – with local and general elections looming

A 1.9 per cent rise in the Fenland District Council element of your local council tax works out at around £5 a year.

Not significant in the grander scheme of things but expect it to be so at the end of next month when councillors will be asked to ratify it. The likelihood is they will not.

The reasons will be better than expected savings (ie departure of a senior officer) and probable ‘windfall’ business rates contribution from the recently built but not opened Tesco store in Chatteris.

Should such a scenario arise it will mean the council can take up the Government’s expected grant for freezing council tax and it will allow those who wish to do so to claim a poilitical ‘triumph’ for their efforts.

And that, of course, will come after councillors on the scrutiny committee heard pro and counter arguments for the rise and agreed the 1.9 per cent to be necessary to under pin the council’s resources in this and future years.

What will not have escaped the attention of our readers is the proximity of a local and general election. Always best to enter these affairs on a positive note.