Fenland safety campaigner offers Prime Minister idea for ‘chequered flag’ safety poster

CAMPAIGNER Graham Chappell has designed a ‘chequered flag’ safety banner which he’s inviting Prime Minister David Cameron to support to celebrate the launch of the UN ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’.

Mr Chappell said he was encouraged to draw up his design after noticing that the Prime Minister had invited Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button to Downing Street to support the UK launch of the initiative.

He has used the yellow diamond logo from the campaign and inverting colours had produced a chequered flag effect which he has now sent to Mr Cameron.

Mr Chappell has asked the Prime Minister if the chequered flag safety banner “might be passed onto the campaign’s organisers and motor racing sponsors in FI so that it may serve as a further visual aid to promoting awareness of the UN’s valuable campaign.”

The road safety campaigner has also told Mr Cameron that there is no doubt that the visit of his roads minister, Mike Penning, to Fenland and the “passionate advocacy” of MP Steve Barclay was helping with getting safety barriers alongside waterside roads.

Successful testing of trial posts meant it was now possible, said Mr Chappell, to look for final design specifications and cost estimates.

Mr Chappell said campaign organisers were now “genuinely hopeful” of real progress in getting some form of barriers at Bedlam Bridge near March.

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He hoped this would “enable us to secure similar progress at other highest-risk waterside sites” as well as other campaigns such as speed limits outside Fenland schools.

Mr Chappell has also sent the Prime Minister a photograph of the Minister’s visit which he says “poignantly and powerfully” conveys the message: one of those seen talking with Mr Penning is Andy Walker whose daughter Charlotte died in a riverside accident near Bedlam Bridge.

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