Fenland school teacher diets her way to front of Slimming World Magazine

A FENLAND school teacher has dieted her way to the front of Slimming World Magazine after losing more than three stone in just eight months.

Steph Fraser, 32, joined a Slimming World group in April last year weighing almost 13 stone after suffering from post-natal depression. In just 16 weeks she lost two and a half stone and by Christmas she weighed an incredible 9st 6lb.

The teacher at Cromwell Community College, in Chatteris, postponed her wedding after buying a size 20 dress in October 2009. She got married this year in a size eight.

Mrs Fraser said: “Slimming World threw me a lifeline. I’m so glad I put my misconceptions about slimming clubs behind me.

“I can’t put a price on all the help and advice I’ve picked up from my group along the way. Losing weight hasn’t just improved the quality of my life, it’s made me a much better parent, partner and teacher.

“I’ve got a lot to thank Slimming World for – in fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s saved my life.”

Now a keen runner, Mrs Fraser overtook celebrity Katie Price in the Adidas Half Marathon in March. She is now in training for next year’s London Marathon, which she will run to raise money for the Phatkids mentoring charity.

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Mrs Fraser added: “I’ve got bags of energy and confidence in front of a class now. I even managed not to blush too much when the head teacher announced at a staff briefing that I’d been awarded the title of Miss Slinky at my group last November!

“I’ve always wanted to look like my mum – and now I do. She’s my idol. I never dreamed I’d have a flat stomach, especially after having a baby - I’ve lost 10 inches off my waist.

“My legs are toned thanks to the running, and I love my slimmer arms. I can go into a clothes shop now and pick up anything I want – from dresses to skinny jeans, I can wear it all.”