Fenland taxpayers warned to be on their guard against ‘phising’ attacks

TAXPAYERS in Fenland have been warned to be on their guard against ‘phishing’ attacks after more than 180 websites that attempt to steal financial details were shut down in the past three months.

‘Phishing’ - where fake HM Revenue and Customs e-mails direct them towards websites where their financial details are then stolen - has risen in the last few years.

Mark Hildred, from Wisbech accountants Moore Thompson, said: “The e-mails claim to be offering a tax refund, and direct the recipient to the phoney website.

“People are asked to enter their bank account information, which is then used by criminals who attempt to empty the accounts concerned.

“There has also been a surge in fraudsters making phone calls to people, pretending to be from HMRC.

“They claim the person they are calling is due a tax refund, and again ask for their bank account details.”

HMRC has reminded taxpayers that it only ever contacts them by post, not phone or e-mail and has urged anyong receiving a call from someone claiming to be from the department should report it to the police.

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Fake e-mails should also be forwarded to HMRC and then deleted.

For more information, please contact Moore Thompson in Wisbech on 01945 465767 or visit www.moorethompson.co.uk

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