‘Don’t be afraid to talk about how you really feel’: Teen filmed uplifting Covid-19 music video on his own in lockdown

Teenager Jack Wilson recorded his uplifting coronavirus-themed music video after writing the song at

Teenager Jack Wilson recorded his uplifting coronavirus-themed music video after writing the song at a 20Twenty Productions workshop. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

A teenager who wrote an uplifting song about the Covid-19 lockdown has released an equally positive self-produced and directed music video.

Jack lives in March. Picture: Supplied

Jack lives in March. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson from March attended a virtual music workshop at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown where he began to pen the lyrics of his positivity-boosting track.

The 14-year-old, along with Zak Wallis and Aiden O’Flaherty Seddon, came up with words to ‘We’re Gonna Win’ which aims to give those struggling with lockdown some hope.

It was created at one of March-based 20Twenty Productions’ music workshops lead by music development manager Tom Harlock.

After writing the song, Jack decided he would take on the task of recording the track and making his own music video during his new-found free time.

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He said: “Because I had a lot of time on my hands, I decided to go further with this and produce it [the song recording] from home.

Jack's new recording microphone. Picture: Supplied

Jack's new recording microphone. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

“I went on Amazon and brought the cheapest equipment that I could find and when they came, my bedroom turned into a makeshift studio!

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“I never produced anything before so it was a big learning experience.

“I played around with chords and chord structures on my keyboard, which I need to add is about 25 years old! It wasn’t the greatest quality but it did the trick.

“I made the backing track on my iPad which took about five days to create. I sat at my desk for hours every day just playing around and seeing what sounded best.

“Then, I recorded the vocals on the mic which I brought from amazon. This was the hardest part because there was a constant white noise and the mic kept messing up!”

After hours of work, the song was complete. But Jack wasn’t satisfied and wanted to go to the next stage and produce his music video.

His 25-year-old keyboard. Picture: Supplied

His 25-year-old keyboard. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

He said: “I took my iPad with me when I walked the dog and recorded some of the scenes I saw; I remember begging my sister to help record me some days.

“One of the shots that I planned required an ‘older person living home alone on the phone’.

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“No one who was in my household was quite old enough, so I rang my grandma and asked her if she would like to be in the video.

“She agreed and the next day me and my sister turned up at her front garden with my iPad in hand.

“I recorded her through an open window while me and my sister were still outside so we weren’t breaking any rules.

Working on the We're Gonna Win track. Picture: Supplied

Working on the We're Gonna Win track. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

“I then edited it still on my iPad and posted it on Facebook.”

The music video was a hit and more than 3,500 people watched the finished product shared on the 20Twenty Productions Facebook page.

Jack added: “I decided to make it [the music video] because I felt that everyone, including myself, went through so much in lockdown so far.

“I wanted to create a little light-hearted video to cheer some people up. And that’s what it did!

“I had people who I didn’t even know personally comment saying that it ‘made there day, thank you’.

“My own experience during lockdown has been quite confusing. Some days I would feel great and inspired. other days I said that I was fine while not really knowing if that was the case.

Jack is only 14-years-old. Picture: Supplied

Jack is only 14-years-old. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Jack Wilson

“But what made me feel better was writing about it.

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“As well as ‘We’re Gonna Win’, I wrote a few other more personalised songs about how I felt that day. That was my way of expressing myself.

“I remember Tom asking us during the workshop what we wanted to write about.

“Some people said ‘mental health’ and ‘loneliness’ so I pointed out ‘why don’t we write about COVID-19 as a whole that way we can write about everything’ and that’s what happened.

“My advice for young people during lockdown is do things that you enjoy because it will make you feel so much better.

“Also, don’t be afraid to talk about how you really feel. For me, I wrote songs as a way of communicating to others.”

The music video comes after 20Twenty Productions receiving a fresh funding boost from Youth Music to run similar workshops to the one Jack attended.

Tom Harlock said: “The new project ‘Musical Future’ will see young people engaging in a wide variety of music activities.

“This will include the forming of our ‘Music Ambassadors’.

“This group of young people will be in charge of promoting and managing music events in our area, so keep an eye out for future concerts in the near future.

“As well as the Music Ambassadors, we shall also be running a series of song writing workshops.

“This is where young people will have the chance to use the facilities in our new refurbished studio.”

The youth organisation has transformed one of their office spaces at March Town Hall into a state-of-the-art music recording studio thanks to funding.

The daughters of 20Twenty director Sarah Edwards, Bella and Eva, cut the ribbon at the official unveiling of the new town hall space earlier this month.

Mr Harlock added: “We’re very excited about the new studio space and what it can offer, while still being able to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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“It will mainly be used to record music that the young people we work with write, but it will also be available to the public.

“As well as recording audio, it also includes facilities to film and live stream webinars or performances.

“As soon as it is safe to do so, we shall also be continuing our in-school Rock Band project.

“This sees students forming bands, playing new instruments and learning well known songs that culminates in a performance to friends and family.

“Also, as part of an explore heritage project, 120 primary students will be given the task of creating some digital music to support an animation. This will also earn them a Discover Arts Award.

“A great project and exciting new facilities that we hope lots of young people and members of the public will enjoy.”

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