Fenland teenager makes sensational army boxing debut ahead of tour of duty in Afghanistan

A FENLAND teenager - set to be deployed in Afghanistan next year - has made a sensational debut to his army boxing career after picking up the most gallant boxer award at his regiment’s show.

Private Lewis Haddon, 17, of Leverington Common, has been serving in G�tersloh, Germany, for almost a year and a half but only began boxing two months ago.

In that time the teenager - who studied at Neale-Wade Community College in March - has impressed immensely with his fighting spirit and determination which saw him qualify for the event’s finals.

Despite his narrow points defeat to his 30-year-old opponent, Sgt Maik Biggs, Haddon earned the respect of the crowd, referees and judges to win the most gallant boxer award.

“I felt a lot of pride to be able to represent my squadron,” said Haddon, a driver in 2 Close Support Squadron in the 1 Logistic Support Regiment.

“I wasn’t disappointed at all to lose because I gave my all and although the training was both physically and mentally challenging it’s all paid off because it’s helped me settle in.

“Boxing is about controlled aggression and discipline which helps because it’s what the army’s all about.”

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Haddon, the son of Emma and Adrian Haddon, has returned home for Christmas but will look to continue progression in his boxing and army career when he returns to service in January. He is due to complete his first tour of duty in Afghanistan in November next year.

His commanding officer, Mal Biggs MBE, said: “Haddon’s boxing career is unlikely to end soon - at only 17 he is certainly a hot prospect for the future.”

Mr Haddon said: “We’re so proud of our son for what he’s doing for our country although we always worry about him. Lewis loves a challenge so it doesn’t surprise me he’s impressed so quickly.”

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