Fenland town overrun by fast food restaurants rejects plans for new takeaway

A FENLAND town overrun by fast food restaurants has rejected plans for a new takeaway that would be harmful to the town centre.

Sukrru Hinc wanted to open a fast food takeaway to regenerate Whittlesey town centre and create new jobs but Fenland District Council turned down the application as they believe the town could not afford to lose another shop in the shopping centre.

Nigel Brown, Development Delivery Manager, said: “The proposal would result in the loss of a retail space to the detriment of the vitality and viability of Whittlesey town centre.

“The site is currently vacant however as the use is predominantly a night time use, it is highly likely the unit will remain unused during the day time when shopping activities are at their prime. As such, I don’t consider the takeaway would bring any benefits to the shopping centre.

“Instead it would take up an existing shop which would reduce any chance of enhancing Whittlesey’s retail offer and would be harmful to the vitality and viability of the town centre.”

Neighbours didn’t want Mr Hinc to renovate Cape Computers, on Market Street, as they were worried that the smell and noise from the shop’s kitchen pollute the street.

Planners have said because the empty unit is in a shopping area, only retail, banking or professional services would be allowed to use the shop.

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Whittlesey Town Councillors objected to the plans and told the district council that the town is being overrun with food outlets.

The Wisbech Society were consulted but had no objection to renovating the shop, which used to be a tattoo parlour before turning into the computer store.

The rejection sees the loss of six jobs that would have been created but Mr Hinc could be able to open a new takeaway if he looked at empty shops outside of the primary shopping centre.

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