Fenland woman terrified by computers wins national BBC award for running IT courses

A WOMAN terrified of computers has won a national award after running IT sessions in local pubs to help others struggling with technology.

Vicky McDougall, 36, decided to confront her fears last year as she was desperate to help her two primary school children with their school work and she started to go to morning computer sessions in The George, in Doddington.

Student turned teacher Vicky now helps run the computer course in her village pub and has spent numerous hours advertising the course, distributing posters and inspiring others to come along.

Her dedication will be rewarded on Monday where she was given the Digital Participation Award, sponsored by the BBC, in a ceremony in London as part of Adult Learners’ week.

Vicky said: “I had always struggled with literacy and was terrified at the thought of using a computer. Living in a remote village, I felt very isolated with no transport and no access to the Internet at home.

“Looking back to last July I would never ever have believed anyone if they had told me what I can now do. But now I can find information on the internet, I am learning new skills and I can help my kids with their school work.

“It has completely changed my life.”

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Saul Nass�, Controller, BBC Learning, said, “Vicky demonstrates the difference that one person can make to a community. I hope that Vicky’s story will encourage people, no matter what their age, to get online and take full advantage of what the internet has to offer.”

Alan Tuckett, NIACE Chief Executive, said, “The transformation that Vicky has experienced is due to her dedication, persistence and ambition. I hope that adults across the country will be inspired by Vicky’s story to take up learning and discover for themselves a whole new life.”

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