Fenland woman with broken light stunned as QVC say: ‘We only deal with sets of four’

A WOMAN was left stunned after she returned a broken light to a TV shopping channel only to be told that she had to return three more that worked.

Marina Pugh, of Waveny Drive, March, paid �39.90 for three sets of four Salinas solar lights after seeing them advertised on QVC. She was delighted when the 12 arrived in time for her husband Bill’s 77th birthday on April 29.

The pair set-up the lights in their back garden but realised one had stopped working just days later. Mrs Pugh returned the faulty light to QVC and expected a replacement to be delivered.

She said: “I thanked them for such good service and that we were delighted with the product but one light needed to be replaced as it wasn’t working. It was a simple request.

“I was told that I had to send three more back because they only deal with the lights in sets of four. At first I thought it was a joke but it turns out it wasn’t.

“I’ve never heard of anything so stupid.”

Mrs Pugh, 75, said her light still hasn’t been replaced, even though her invoice states refunds or replacements for faulty goods will be provided within 14 days. She is refusing to send three more lights back.

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Mrs Pugh said: “It’s not the price of sending them back that matters, it’s the principle.

“How do I know that the four that get sent back will all work anyway? The whole world has gone mad. Why would anyone send something back that is working? It’s absurd.

“I’m not upset, Bill and I just find it all quite funny really.”

A spokesman for QVC confirmed that the situation had been explained to Mrs Pugh that the company, like many retailers, does not stock spare parts as they are bought in bulk, in sets of four, from the vendor.

However, they have managed to source a replacement light which has already been sent to Mrs Pugh.

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