FENLANDER: Aylis is a cut above the rest with her fundraising for Cancer Research UK

“WE’RE not all bad,” says 15-year-old Aylis Coulson from Chatteris. “Teenagers like me tend to get a bad name because you hear lots of stories about the ones who rob a shop or burn something out, but not many about the times when we do something right.

“It’d be good if more people realised that most of us are alright and that we can be nice and do something to help others in need.”

Aylis, a student at Cromwell Community College, is one of the teenagers who is proving her point by undertaking a whole series of charity fund-raising events. They include:

• Shaving the shoulder-length hair off her older cousin Lee,

• Doing lots of fun activities at a Jubilee street party on her estate on June 4,

• Doing a skydive from 13,000ft at the end of June, and

• Running the Race for Life in Peterborough on July 10.

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All the money she raises will go to Cancer Research UK.

She said: “I’m doing it in loving memory of my great grandad who passed away six years ago from cancer of the pancreas. Every year my family, my boyfriend and I let off 10 sky lanterns in our back garden in his memory.

“I know what it feels like to lose someone very close to you from a tragic disease. Cancer Research is a great charity and I want to help them get the money they need to help find a cure.”

So far she has raised nearly �230 in just four weeks.

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