FENLANDER: David’s leaner, fitter and happier - personal health trainer scheme has changed his life

DAVID Mawby is a changed man. A year ago he went to see his doctor in Parson Drove, worried about his weight and general fitness.

He was referred on to Glenda Cumine, the Mytime Active personal health trainer at the surgery. It was the start of a series of changes that have made a big difference to him – literally.

He discussed with Glenda what he was trying to achieve and together they worked out a programme to suit him. They agreed on an initial target of losing half a stone.

Today, one year on, David is a leaner, fitter and happier man. He has shed two stone and lost seven inches round his waist and three on his hips – and now, he jokes, “I can do my shoes up.”

He puts it all down to Glenda. “Basically, she put me on the right track,” he says.

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No strict calorie counting was involved - just a better awareness of different kinds of food and portion sizes, plus his own willpower. He ditched his biscuits, chocolate and sweets and opted for healthier options such as eating more fruit.

“I’d been trying to lose weight for years and I’d heard these things many times before,” he says. “But after I saw Glenda, something clicked. It was just the way she put things across – she has a way of convincing you that’s the way to go.

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“I started planning the meals and cut certain things out. I didn’t really find it difficult. I also do a bit more exercise but I’ve got to be a bit careful with that because I’ve got a dodgy knee.”

As well as losing weight, his blood pressure has come down and his social life has also taken a turn for the better.

David’s story is just one example of the value of the Mytime Active personal health trainers’ work in a string of surgeries across Fenland (see panel).

Councillor Ralph Butcher, Fenland District Council’s portfolio holder responsible for health and wellbeing, is full of praise for the scheme. He said: “David’s story is a great example of how simple advice and encouragement combined with individuals’ own willpower can really change people’s lives.”

So what’s David’s message for others in his position? Simple. “Don’t sit and do nothing about it, find a health trainer and get their advice.”

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