FENLANDER: Householders set to receive annual electoral registration forms

HOUSEHOLDERS throughout Fenland are being reminded that they could lose their right to vote in future elections if they fail to complete and return the annual electoral registration forms that they will shortly be receiving.

They are also being warned that failure to respond could affect their future credit ratings.

The forms will be delivered to all homes in the district over the next couple of months in the annual canvass carried out by Fenland District Council.

There are two versions of the Register - the full one and an edited version. The canvass requires people to make a choice each year whether they want to “opt out”. This enables them to take their names and addresses off the edited version.

Those who choose to opt out may find that this helps to reduce the amount of junk mail that comes through their door because the edited version is used by many direct marketing companies to target individuals with promotional material.

Anyone requiring more information should contact FDC’s electoral services team by phone on 01354 654321 or by e-mail to elections@fenland.gov.uk

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