FENLANDER: March couple warm to councils’ solid wall insulation scheme

WHEN Victor and Avril Gardner bought their home near the centre of March last year, the last thing on their minds was how much it would cost to run their central heating continuously over the perishingly cold snap that was to come.

But they are less worried about this coming winter because they have taken advantage of a solid wall insulation scheme that will cut their costs and keep them warmer.

Mrs Gardner said: “Our winter heating bills last winter were huge and this insulation will help us save some money this time round.”

Fenland District Council, in association with the Borough Council of King‘s Lynn & West Norfolk, have joined forces to run a pilot project across both districts whereby they are installing external wall insulation to homes with solid walls.

Project coordinator Gordon Jackson-Hopps, of Care & Repair, who are managing the scheme for the councils, said: “The aim of the project is to significantly improve the thermal performance of these homes, making sure that they are warmer and cheaper to heat.”

Up to 35 per cent of the heat within a solid walled property escapes through the walls. External wall insulation prevents this heat loss and can also help combat condensation, damp and mould. Because it is applied to the outside of the property, there is minimal disruption and it does not affect the indoor living space. It also protects the building’s external fabric and needs little maintenance.

The government-funded project offers financial help to all eligible clients, with grants available and no up-front costs. The works are fully supervised by the council and a 10-year warranty is provided upon completion.

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Mrs Gardner said: “The project is so straightforward and the team were very professional. The workmen were great and the house looks fantastic. We would recommend the scheme to anyone. People should contact Care & Repair - they will explain what it is all about and answer any questions.”

Councillor Kit Owen, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for housing, said: “Heating costs can be a very significant expense for pensioners or people on benefits or low incomes. This scheme can make a big difference to them, so we’re advising them to get in touch as soon as possible to see if they qualify for help.”

• For more details and to find out whether you are eligible for a grant, contact Care & Repair on 01553 616608. They will arrange a no-obligation survey.

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