FENLANDER: Pupils join campaign as 50 motorists are caught speeding in their village

THE message couldn’t have been clearer and the passing motorists couldn’t fail to see it.

“Slow Down” and “Speed Kills” said the array of signs held aloft by the children from Leverington Primary Academy as they took to the pavement outside their school. They were playing their part in the concerted anti-speeding campaign that is continuing across Fenland.

The campaign is a joint initiative involving Fenland District Council’s Safer Fenland and community support teams, the Safer Fenland Partnership, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Launched in Guyhirn last month, it is particularly aimed at motorists who exceed the speed limits on rural roads. It will be rolled out to other villages over the next few months.

Local people, including schoolchildren, are being encouraged to get involved. In the targeted villages, a series of “Slow Down” signs are prominently displayed over a two-week period and Speedwatch volunteers carry out roadside checks.

In just over an hour last Wednesday morning 50 cars were clocked speeding, with the worst offender reaching 56mph.

Rosie Simmonds, head of Leverington Primary Academy, said: “Speedwatch figures show that Leverington is the one of worst affected of all the villages. It’s particularly bad near the school because we have a three-way junction right on the corner just outside.

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“Sitting in my office, I often hear people braking and we’ve even had one car speeding round the corner and going straight into the crash barrier by the school. It is really dangerous for the children.

“I hope this campaign will make drivers think about slowing down and taking care. The school’s governing body are actively supporting it.”

Councillor David Oliver, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for community safety, said: “Speeding is a serious problem all over Fenland and children are particularly at risk. That’s why our campaign is getting them actively involved in making people aware of the dangers speeding poses. But it is the adults behind the wheel who need to change their ways.”

Bryan Baker, a Leverington parish councillor, said: “We do have a big problem – in Leverington Common some people think it’s the new Le Mans. The campaign is a good idea – it shows people that at any time there’s liable to be a little man with a speed gun round the corner.”

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