FENLANDER: Street parties for Royal Wedding may need Temporary Event Notice

ARE you planning a street party to celebrate the royal wedding on April 29? Will you need your road closing? And do you plan to sell alcohol, have a live band or charge people to raise money.

If so, you’ll need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) – and you have only a few days to apply for one. The deadline for applications is April 12.

Fenland District Council is urging any would-be party organisers to contact its licensing team immediately if they are in any doubt about whether they need a TEN, which costs �21.

Kim Winterton, FDC’s licensing officer, said: “We want to help people enjoy a great day and we’re here to provide any guidance you need. We don’t want anyone to have any problems spoiling the occasion, so please check your arrangements with us.

“Also, please make sure you talk to your neighbours about what activities you are planning – anyone wanting to complain about noise, for example, will usually contact the police and/or the council, who then have a duty to investigate.”

To check, call FDC’s licensing team on 01354 654321.

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