FENLANDER: Whittlesey pupils’ bid to curb dog mess at Lattersey Nature Reserve

PUPILS from a primary school in Whittlesey are spearheading a campaign to encourage people to clean up their dogs’ mess in a popular beauty spot.

They are working with their local Wildlife Trust and Fenland District Council to tackle the problem, which has been highlighted as a major concern by visitors to Lattersey Nature Reserve.

The children have created a series of brightly coloured posters to be pinned up around the reserve to help get the message across. And FDC is providing extra dog litter bins.

Daniel Pilsworth, head of New Road Primary School, said: “The children are fed up with these few people who are spoiling the reserve for them, and each child has worked on a poster designed to encourage people to clean up their dogs’ mess.

“The winning posters will be displayed on the reserve, and we hope this will encourage people to do the right thing so the children can continue to benefit from and enjoy this very special local resource.”

Rachel Price, community wildlife officer for the Wildlife Trust, which manages the reserve, said: “Although most dog walkers do clean up after their pets, there are a few irresponsible people who, despite bylaws and dozens of signs, just don’t bother.

“Dog dirt is not only unpleasant, it also carries bacteria which can cause blindness. This poster campaign is a novel way to try and get the message across to those few people who spoil it for everyone else.”

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The reserve is open to the public all year. For details of what it offers, visit the Wildlife Trust’s website at www.wildlifebcnp.org

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