FENLANDER: Whittlesey Street Pride launches fifth boat

MEMBERS of Whittlesey Street Pride have launched another of their colourful “planter boats” – the fifth in the group’s flower-decked fleet.

Whittlesey Wildfowler was launched on Saturday. It sits beside the A605 on the way out of Whittlesey at Guildenburgh Crescent and is sponsored by the town’s NISA Local supermarket.

The boat is the group’s sixth “Gateway” project. In addition to the five boats, they have set up an eye-catching floral feature by the roadside in Coates – with a plough as its centrepiece.

The Whittlesey volunteers are among the most active of Fenland District Council’s seven Street Pride groups.

Later this month they will be planting about 25,000 daffodils in all the town’s Gateway entrances. So far this year they have held 28 events, removed 460 bags of litter and rubbish and contributed more than 1,035 hours of volunteer time.