FENLANDER: Worn-out pump at March moorings sees some sanitation facilities shut down

SOME sanitation facilities for boaters in March have had to be shut down following the failure of a worn-out pump.

But Fenland District Council has agreed to ensure that drinking water will still be provided there and boat refuse will be collected.

The public pump-out and Elsan waste disposal facilities at the moorings near the town bridge have been closed because the pump has been gradually deteriorating and finally failed at the end of January.

A replacement would cost about �25,000, which would have to be found from the council’s already hard-pressed budgets.

Pump-out facilities will continue to be available at Fox’s Marina, on the outskirts of March, off the Isle of Ely Way (A141).

Councillor Kit Owen, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for infrastructure and March affairs, said: “We regret that the cost of replacing the worn-out pump is prohibitive, given the current economic situation. But drinking water and refuse collection, which are both essential for visiting boaters, will continue to be provided.

“All the town’s other moorings remain unchanged and boaters continue to be very welcome in the town.

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“We urge all of them to ensure that they dispose of their rubbish properly. Some concerns have been raised about this and there has been at least one recent incident when items such as old fridges and cookers have been dumped there.

“It is vital the facility for boat refuse is not abused, otherwise it may have to be withdrawn.”

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