FenRATS to show its support for Fenland District Council

CAMPAIGNERS against wind turbines are being urged to turn out in force on Friday to make their views clear at a public inquiry.

Fenland Residents Against Wind Turbines (FenRATS) want to show support for Fenland District Council and its decision to refuse permission for two new wind turbine farms.

The campaigners are currently fighting an application for a six-turbine farm at Treading Bank between Gorefield and Sutton St Edmund.

Attending the first day of the inquiry at the Boathouse in Wisbech, FenRATS chairman Ian Edgar said: “It doesn’t seem to matter whether councils turn down these applications because it makes no difference - they just go to appeal.

“It is vitally important that ordinary people like us come along so others are aware how totally inefficient wind turbines are at producing electricity. It is in the public interest that these things are turned down.”

Mr Edgar said numerous public inquiries were costing taxpayers large amounts of money. He said: “With times the way they are how are councils going to afford this money? The Government would rather us pay the money than be fined by the European community for not meeting the targets for wind turbines.

“I am hoping we can join forces with other groups so we have the power to say we don’t want these things.”

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The campaigners will congregate about midday to let those at the inquiry know their opinions.