Film about NHS sell-off ‘agenda’ to be screened at Rosmini Centre, Wisbech

Recent stories about a crisis in the NHS, including hospitals such as Hinchingbrooke, Queen Elizabeth and Addenbrooke’s, are very worrying.

Like many people in the Fens I care passionately about what is happening to our NHS.

A group of NHS consultants, GPs and other health professionals have spoken out on film about a secret agenda, which they believe could lead to the end of the NHS.

With the help of film maker Peter Bach they have produced a film called Sell Off – The Abolition of Your NHS.

The film traces the present crisis back more than 30 years and successive government policies. It has not been funded by vested interests such as trade unions or professional organisations but by ordinary individual people giving anything from a just a few pounds up to thousands.

I was happy to donate towards the cost of filming as I believe it is important we all can hear what about their experience of working in the NHS and why they are so concerned.

Released last autumn, the film is being shown by the local trades council at the Rosmini Centre, Wisbech, on January 31 at 2.30pm, with discussion on the implications for our local health services and a speaker from Hinchingbrooke.

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I hope residents will come along to watch the film and take part in the discussion, especially those from younger generations for whom the future of our NHS should be a prime concern.


Retired UNISON member


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