Firefighters remind Fen residents to be wary of chip pan fires

FIREFIGHTERS reminded residents about the danger of chip pan fires after being called to a blaze at a house on Tuesday.

Two crews were called to the house fire in Harebell Close, March, at 6.50pm after a woman discovered her unattended chip pan had caught alight. She covered the pan in a damp cloth, turned off the heat, before leaving the house and ringing 999.

Mick Jackman, station manager for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Thanks to the smoke alarm the fire was discovered early, which meant firefighters wearing breathing apparatus only had to remove the chip pan from the house and ventilate the property.

“Before leaving, firefighters advised the occupant that it is much safer to cook oven chips or visit a local chip shop than use a chip pan. If you are using a chip pan, you should make sure that it is thermostat controlled.”

Crews returned to their station by 7.40pm.

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