Firefighters rescue dogs, tortoises and rabbit - but cat dies in Leverington chip pan blaze

A CHIP pan blaze has gutted a home in Leverington, killing a pet cat and forcing firefighters to rescue two dogs, two tortoises and a rabbit.

The house, in Ringers Lane, has been left uninhabitable after last night’s fire.

One crew from Wisbech, one crew from West Walton and a victim support unit were called to the property, as smoke poured from the windows.

A woman fled the house after the blaze started and dialled 999.

Crews entered the home wearing breathing apparatus and used two hose reels to extinguish the fire, which had been caused by a chip pan left on the stove.

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Firefighters rescued one golden labrador and one golden retriever. The dogs had to be resuscitated using oxygen therapy.

Two tortoises and a rabbit were also saved from the burning building, but a cat died.

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Crews were forced to cut away sections of the kitchen to ensure that there were no fire hotspots remaining.

The victim support unit attended to offer alternative accommodation for the woman and her animals.

A fire service spokesman said: “Chip pans can be extremely dangerous.

“If you are going to use a chip pan, ensure that you stay with it at all times and do not allow the oil to get so hot that it starts to smoke.

“If a fire does occur, never throw water on it, instead get out of the house as quickly as possible and dial 999.”

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