FIRST FRIDAY WITH STEVE BARCLAY MP: A website of waste, campaign progress and cheering on Boris

Our monthly column with NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay.

Aircraft carriers without aircraft, leaked letters from officials, and efficiency programmes that cost more than they save are just three examples of why it sometimes feels in Parliament like I am in a real life version of the comedy Yes Minister.

But it is real money being wasted. Money that is hard earned in North East Cambridgeshire. It is no joke.

This is why I spend time focusing on waste. For those who want to learn more about such stories, I have launched a new website -

This contrasts with the reality on the ground, such as my visit to 254 Medical Regiment out on exercise in Thetford Forest in the pouring rain. Real people doing extraordinary things who make you feel proud of our country.

Two of my parliamentary campaigns continued to progress this month, on requiring doctors to speak English and fairer funding for our schools.

It might seem beyond parody to require new rules to require doctors to speak English, but we know from experience with fatal consequences here in Manea that it is not always the case. I raised this issue at Prime Ministers Questions.

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Likewise our school children should not receive so much less funding per child than other parts of the country, which is the legacy of the school funding formula left by Labour.

It is going to take time to sort out but Ministers have been left in no doubt of the strength of backbench feeling in shire seats.

Constituency life continues its quick pace, whether supporting the Mary Portas bid, working with council leaders and officials such as on the Wisbech 2020 initiative, attending community events like the arts exhibition at St Mary’s Church in Whittlesey, meetings with local church leaders and having my blood pressure taken as part of Stroke Awareness week at the Rotary stand. My mum had a stroke 6 months ago so the importance of raising awareness hits home.

It is my 40th birthday this week, and the whips have kindly booked me in on my birthday to be out campaigning at 9.30am in Croydon, as it is polling day for the London Mayor election. I am hoping to be celebrating a Boris win.

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