First glimpse of new skate park at Manea Horticultural Show

HUNDREDS of Manea locals got a glimpse of the newly built skate park in action at the village’s Horticultural and Handicraft Show on Saturday.

The show, held on the SM Guy Memorial Field, featured competitions in flower arranging, handicrafts and fruit and vegetables, displays by local art and history groups and a pet show.

The public also got their first look at Manea’s new skate park in action.

Also in attendance were members of the local fire brigade and Manea band, who were offering visitors the chance to try playing their instruments.

Belinda Carson, one of the organisers, said: “It was a lovely day and we had excellent support from the Gala Committee and the parish council.

“It was a huge team effort to organise. It was a great community day where everyone helped out, which is what Manea is all about.”

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