First World War family records day at the British Legion in March

March Royal British Legion Club in West End, March, is making a special effort on Saturday September 6 from noon until 4.30pm by holding an open day for everyone - whether members or not – because we will have the valuable and full record of all known March people who gave their lives and are remembered in Commonwealth War Graves.

The records include everyone named on the March and Chatteris war memorials but we will also have available service records for those who served in the Royal Navy and are remembered on the Wisbech, Whittlesey, Parson Drove, Christchurch, Upwell and Outwell Memorials.

In addition, we are taking this opportunity to respond to people who have asked for details of their family who were involved in the First World War.

There will be several people available who will be willing to help everyone who wants to know more and extend their knowledge of family involvement in that War,

We will welcome those who want know more about those who were not on active service the VAD Nurses and those who did “men’s work” for those risking their lives overseas.

March Royal British Legion Club hopes that sufficient information can be gathered to justify the publication of a small book covering the contribution of everyone towards the 1914/1918 War efforts.

Essentially we want to use this day to enable everyone to further discover the contribution of their family to both war efforts.

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Diane Bower (Chair), Ann Coomber (Secretary) Pat Case (Treasurer)

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