Fishing for clues. Whose is this gold wedding ring found in the gravel of an aquarium bought in Wisbech

The gold ring which a familyfrom Spalding found insisde the gravel of a fish tank bought from a fam

The gold ring which a familyfrom Spalding found insisde the gravel of a fish tank bought from a family n Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A man who found a fish tank through a free shopping site and travelled to Wisbech to buy it has discovered a gold wedding ring inside it – but cannot remember who he bought it off.

He is now hoping to find the former owner of the fish tank to reunite them with the ring.

Kevin Turner bought the tank on the Pre Loved site and travelled 20 miles from his home in Spalding to Wisbech to buy it for his 15 year old daughter Rebecca.

They made the trip in the summer of last year but after buying it then found another one that came with a stand so put the first purchase into storage in their garage.

Retired police officer Kevin said: “When we stored it I tipped the gravel into a carrier bag and put it inside the tank.

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“During half term we decided to clean it and put the gravel back in to photograph to sell but when I tipped the gravel back I saw gold shimmering.

“I couldn’t believe it when I pulled out a ring.

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“It could mean nothing, but it could mean everything to somebody,” he said.

“It will have sentimental value to somebody and I just want to get it back to its rightful owner.”

The hallmarked item is likely to be a woman’s wedding ring due to its size - it fits his wife Assumpta - and intricate pattern.

Mr Turner remembers that the family lived on the Elme Hall roundabout side of Wisbech and were selling a few fish tanks as they were having a clear out to make room for a relative to move in with them.

He also remembers that the seller had not managed to make it back home for the time arranged to collect the tank so instead he took delivery from the daughter, in her late teens, along with a younger brother, he said.

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