Flood protection work will cost �450,000

FLOOD defences at Whittlesey Washes are being repaired after the Met Office issued flood alerts and amber weather warnings across the north of England.

The North East experienced widespread transport disruption after some areas received a whole month’s rainfall in 24 hours.

The work at Whittlesey Washes Flood Storage Reservoir by the Environment Agency began in early September and will last for approximately eight weeks at a cost of �450,000.

It is described as “essential maintenance” to reduce the risk of the flood bank being breached by extreme weather events and is part of the region’s �21 million flood defence programme.

Guy Szomi, Environment Agency Catchment Engineer, said the work will help reduce the chances of flood water breaching the bank.

He said: “It will restore the condition of the banks before they deteriorate further and help to ensure their long-term integrity.”

The Environment Agency said Whittlesey Washes reduces the likelihood of flooding in this region to approximately 0.3 per cent (1 in 300 chance) in any year.

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At �8,000 a day the work will include repairing damage caused by cattle and burrowing animals on the south barrier bank at Eldernell and Rings End.

Trees and bushes will also be removed from the bank between Stonald Road and Ball Bridge to improve access for maintenance and inspection work.

Whittlesey Washes lies to the south of the River Nene, downstream of Peterborough. The reservoir is used to store flood water when tides and river flows are high.