‘Find another route or buy a boat,’ say Welney Flood Watch volunteers

A stranded 4x4 in the flooded Welney Wash.

A stranded 4x4 in the flooded Welney Wash. - Credit: Anthony MW Gleave

Flood watch volunteers have slammed drivers attempting to cross the flooded Welney Wash and are urging motorists to “buy a boat”.  

A 4x4 was snapped half submerged in the flooded A1101 over the weekend despite flashing warning signs and 'road closed’ barriers.  

“River levels at Welney have risen during the day and are now at 3.44m,” said the Welney Flood Watch in an update on Sunday (January 31).  

FLOODING A 4X4 attemnpts to cross the A1101 in more than 4ft of water causing it to be abandond half

Volunteers from ‘Welney Flood Watch’ have slammed motorists attempting to cross the flooded A1101 Welney Wash road. - Credit: © Terry Harris

“It indicates 104cm/41inches of flood water on the road; flashing sign telemetry is now displaying 94cm/37inches.” 

It comes just days after a car was left fully submerged on Sutton Gault Causeway near Ely, sparking a major emergency rescue operation. 

Flood watch added: “Our roving kayak photographer Anthony has been out and about this afternoon and snapped the below pictures of an attempt by a discovery driver who for some reason has driven by signs advising the depth of water and that the road is flooded and closed.  

“Do these people have any brains. They clearly do not follow flood watch. 

FLOODING A Car remains abandond as water levels still rise at The Causeway Sutton Gault..
Monday 01

Sutton Gault on Friday, January 29 - a major incident was recorded as a host of emergency services responded to a stranded driver caught in the floods. - Credit: © Terry Harris

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“I would remind folks that Welney wash road is FLOODED with over 1 metre of flood water on it, the road is currently CLOSED so find another route or buy a boat.  

“It is likely to be flooded all of next week.  

“We need to share the message further afield to help stop this stupidity as signage clearly does not work on its own, please share with as many friends as you can and follow our daily posts.”