LETTER: A poem about fly tipping by Mark Huskinson of Wimblington

One of the most recent incidents of fly tipping on an industrial scale at Mepal.

One of the most recent incidents of fly tipping on an industrial scale at Mepal. - Credit: Archant

Fly tipping

This is a poem I wrote some time ago concerning a subject that I feel very strongly about – that of fly tipping.

However, in light of the recent dumping of asbestos, I wonder if the paper would have the nerve to print it.

Yes, some of the language is strong, and some people may find it offensive.

However I would ask, which is more offensive, the dumping of hazardous waste, or language that strongly expresses the feelings of many in the community?

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I find the dumping, not just of asbestos, but of any waste in our countryside far more offensive, particularly when we have an exceptional council waste tip.

Fly tippers.

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Late at night, a dark country road,

Back of van, rubbish is stowed.

Head lights off but engine still running,

An empty layby, despicable cunning.

Cover of darkness, with no eyes seeing,

Promptly discharge it, then swiftly fleeing.

Busted sofa, deceased fridge freezer,

Toddlers broken plastic three wheeler.

Tattered stained mattress, threadbare car tyres,

Empty paint tins, worn out tumble dryers.

Ragged old carpets, and rotting timbers,

Fragmented old brickwork, barbeque cinders.

Thoughtless morons who don’t give a damn,

How would you like it if I dumped in your van?

You unload your garbage in what is my backyard,

To rid it properly can’t be that hard.

Idiots creating environmental pyres

You’re nothing more than social pariahs.

Don’t litter my countryside you lazy git,

Why not try the council tip?

Mark Huskinson


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