FOI request reveals two employees quit Fenland Council following indecent or pornographic images found on their computers

TWO employees of Fenland District Council have quit in recent years after indecent or pornographic images were found on their computers.

In a third case no action was taken despite indecent images being found after the computer at the centre of the investigation had multiple users and the culprit could not be identified.

The council revealed that in 2006 one employee resigned following an investigation into indecent or pornographic images being found on their computer. Another left in 2009 under similar circumstances.

However the council said a computer found to contain indecent or pornographic images in 2008 resulted in “no formal action being progressed due to shared computer with multiple users.”

No pornographic or indecent images have been found on any council owned computer during the current year.

The disclosures were made following a Freedom of Information request tabled to the council by the Cambs Times/Wisbech Standard.

The council responded to five separate questions about disciplinary hearings and revealed that 40 members of staff had faced disciplinary proceedings in the four years from 2006-2009. So far this year a further seven employees have faced disciplinary charges.

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Highest number of disciplinary hearings was in 2008 when 13 employees faced proceedings with 12 last year.

Only four employees – all in 2009- were dismissed following disciplinary proceedings.

However the figures also reveal that one employee resigned in 2006, four left in 2007, three left in 2008 and one left in 2009 rather than face disciplinary proceedings.

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