Folk Singer visit to Alderman Jacobs School

ALDERMAN Jacobs School, Whittlesey were visited by Brian and Christine Kell from the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival team to bring folk traditions to live for the children.

Flossie Malavialle entertained the children by singing in three languages for them.

Flossie came to England on a teacher exchange visit, became part of the folk scene in the North East and has now been here nine years. Her performance for the children was inspirational with songs sung in French, Spanish and English.

Mrs Sargent, Head Teacher said: “The children, who are taught a range of languages had no trouble in joining in the singing, with great gusto! The annual Straw Bear festival is always eagerly anticipated at our school, and we hope to help keep the tradition alive and dancing.”

Brian Kell commented “This is the 26th year that we have brought live folk entertainment to the schools in Whittlesey, as a lead up to the festival children are always interested in the performances and many have had a go at Mollie Dancing. This year we have worked with a class of Year 4 children who performed two dances on Saturday.”