LETTER: Man V Food challenge is ‘gluttonous consumption of food’

The Man Vs Food challenge at Shooters American Diner, would you take it on? Picture: FACEBOOK / SHOO

The Man Vs Food challenge at Shooters American Diner, would you take it on? Picture: FACEBOOK / SHOOTERS - Credit: Archant

I have just read in the Standard online the story of the Shooters American Diner in March offering a ‘Man Vs Food’ challenge.

In the challenge customer’s are asked to eat four beef burgers topped with cheese and bacon, a mound of chips, a large bowl of chicken wings and a bowl of chilli nachos within one hour.

This is the latest of a series of glutton based challenges at the restaurant, and very few people, according to the management, manage to complete the challenges.

This upsets me on a number of points:

1. There is a massive obesity problem in Fenland and this challenge seems to me to be glorifying the consumption of a mass of fast food.

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2. Type 2 Diabetes is a huge problem and one of the causes is obesity.

3. There are a lot of people who are dependent on the local food bank and other charities to get food to survive.

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4. These food challenges where the challenger doesn’t finish the meal must lead to a huge waste of food.

5. I believe this idea is based on an American TV show called ‘Man V Food’, if anything was to suggest it isn’t a good idea would be to look at the obesity and related health problems in the states.

I enjoy a good meal out with friends, but would seriously avoid a restaurant that openly offers such openly gluttonous consumption of food.

All things in moderation.

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