Foot stomping cracking show by Fenland Youth Theatre

DUNHAMS Wood, March, was the setting for two fantastic shows by the Fenland Youth Theatre at the weekend as the audience loved their version of Bugsy Malone.

The musical tells the iconic story about Chicago gangsters in the prohibition era; the musical was also famous for only featuring a cast of children and they also replaced real guns with “splurge guns” that cover there victims with cream.

The Youth Theatre performed at there heights in the hot sun at the weekend, to tell the story about the battle from the two gangs lead by Danny Dan and Fat Sam, and the rise of Bugsy Malone, played by Oliver German in his first role with the company.

Directed by Darren O’Sullivan and Nelly Cullum-Hanshaw, the play also featured water guns sprayed at the audience and the traditional pie fight at the end.

The Fenland Youth Theatre runs classes for young people from ages 6-17 at March Town Hall, Term begins in September for more information go to the website or telephone 01354 652769.