Former Fenland beauty queen celebrates her diamond wedding anniversary

A WOMAN who walked across the road to get some rhubarb and came back with a date has celebrated her diamond wedding anniversary.

Mary Carr, who moved to Emneth around 70 years ago, and within a couple of years had been crowned Miss Emneth, was caught by her aunt - also called Mary - gazing longingly out of the window at fellow teenager Tom. After some gentle encouragement she plucked up the courage to speak to him and the pair’s relationship has gone from strength to strength since.

They married at Emneth church in 1952 and have gone on to have two children, Bridget and David. They still live together in the village in Hollycroft Road.

Mrs Carr, 82, said: “My aunt saw me looking out of the window and said I’d have to speak to him because she wanted some rhubarb to make a pie.

“I crossed the road and came back with some rhubarb - and a date! Mine and Tom’s relationship just grew from there I suppose.

“You have highs and lows in all walks of life but we’ve gone through them together because something always comes along to cheer you up.”

The happy couple celebrated their anniversary with a family party and received a letter of congratulation from the Queen.

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They were joined by their five grandchildren Tansy, Travis, Victoria, Donna and Stephen and their two great grandchildren, Erin and Oliver in marking the special occasion.

The former Miss Emneth beauty queen admits her husband’s stroke 12 years ago has only increased her love for the 84-year-old.

Mrs Carr said: “It was a massive scare and now it feels like we’re getting a second chance to make the best of what we’ve always had.

“When Tom sees me every morning he says he knows that things are going to be alright for another day.”

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