Fossils Galore: Palaeontologist Jamie opens up quirky new business in March

A MAN who became hooked on fossils at the age of four is set to open a business selling fossils and gems in March town centre.

Jamie Jones will open Fossils Galore, at 60 High Street, next Saturday.

Aged just 22, Jamie is already recognised as an eminent palaeontologist, although he is completely self-taught and has neither A-levels or a degree.

Jamie said: “I have a lot of professors who ask me questions and want answers. My favourite field is marine reptiles from the Oxford clays.”

The shop will include everything from fossil display areas and a gift shop, to a preparation laboratory, an art and craft gallery, a tea shop and an outdoor area where children can learn about fossil hunting.

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Jamie said: “My interest in fossils began when I walked on Skegness beach with my parents at the age of four, and found a rock that looked like a dinosaur footprint.

“It was a rare Cretaceous bird foot print. My parents then took me to Dinosaur Island on the Isle of Wight, and later I started to find fossils in the Whittlesey area.

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“Whittlesey is an area particularly rich in fossils. My speciality is marine reptiles, many have been found in the Fens.”

Entry to Fossils Galore is free. There are display rooms for fossils including a plesiosaur found in the Whittlesey area, along with ammonites and belemnites, and woolly mammoth fossils

A number of precious gems will be on display, and Cambridgeshire jet will also be on sale.

“I want the area to be known for its jet, like Whitby is known for it,” said Jamie.

“If anyone has any fossils they would like to donate, we can log them and store them in our huge safe, or put them on display.

“Our displays will change every month. I am also keen to give talks and invite the community in to see fossils being prepared.”

Jamie plans to organise trips for fossil hunting and metal detecting.

“We want to set up some digs in the Fenland area,” said Jamie. “We can help anyone who wants a test pit in their garden.”

Anyone who wants to sell their art at Fossils Galore, or volunteer to help the business, should contact Jamie on 07851 556544.

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