Four conditions imposed on March teenager following court ASBO hearing

MAGISTRATES today imposed an interim ASBO on a March teenager after hearing that she has been verbally abusive in the town, causing a nuisance and upsetting residents.

Under the terms of the order, 18-year-old Anne-Marie Mears is prohibited from:

• Abusing, insulting, harassing or swearing at anyone in a public place in Fenland.

• Entering or remaining in Yarrow Close, March.

• Having an open container of alcohol in a public place, except for licensed premises.

• Being in the company of three or more people in a public place between the hours of 10pm and 7am, unless in the course of her employment.

Mears, formerly of Russell Avenue, March, has no settled address, she told Fenland magistrates.

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Representing the Chief Constable, Andrew Logan said: “The police allege that she has been verbally abusive, shouting and swearing at all hours; disturbing the residents of Russell Avenue and Yarrow Close, causing upset to local residents.

“We now ask the court to make an interim anti-social behaviour order to restrict her future conduct.”

Solicitor John Clarke said Mears disputes a lot of the allegations of anti-social behaviour made by the police, but was willing to accept an interim order.

Mears will oppose the imposition of a full ASBO, and the date for that hearing is due to be set by the court on September 8.

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