Four legged friends inspire a book about the life of greyhounds

Linda Barnett with her adopted greyhounds Kilo and Lucy

Linda Barnett with her adopted greyhounds Kilo and Lucy - Credit: Archant

A woman who spent seven years in Africa running a wildlife clinic has written her first novel in a bid to raise awareness of the joy of owning a retired greyhound as a pet.

Linda Barnett's book cover

Linda Barnett's book cover - Credit: Archant

Linda Barnett has penned the novel Run For Your Life after adopting two ex racing dogs and seeing how they transformed her life.

“When I came back from Africa in 2006 I went into a bit of a depression, I was in a culture shock of being back in this country and at 46 had also gone into early menopause,” she said.

“I adopted two greyhounds Kilo and Lucy and they truly helped me get my life back on track.

“My book explores how balancing and healing it can be to own a dog, how powerful their presence is within a home and what I imagine my greyhounds’ lives must have been like before I owned them.

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“The book challenges misconceptions people may have, for example, greyhounds only heed a couple of 20 minutes walk a day.

“Each year thousands of greyhounds are registered for racing in the UK and each year thousands retire and need homes or face being put to sleep.

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“Greyhounds do not race for very long and may only be four years old when they retire, some even younger.”

Ms Barnett, an environmental manager, spent three years researching and writing her novel in the hope her story will help people see how suitable greyhounds are as a family pet.

“If my book inspires just one person to re home at least one greyhound I will be very happy,” she said.

• Run For Your Life is self published and is available in a paperback on Amazon or an ebook for Kindle

• Ferry Meadows in Peterborough is hosting two greyhound walks with the opportunity to meet dogs who need forever homes. One is on Sunday 17, meet at the water sports car park at 11am. Another is on Father’s Day Sunday June 19, meet at 10am.

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