Four operations cancelled at Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Hinchingbrooke Hospital - Credit: Archant

I was diagnosed with severe spinal cord compression in February. I am due to have a third operation on my neck.

My condition is related to how much motor neurone function I can get back. At present I can’t even walk to my doctors and my condition is degenerating. I have had four operation dates cancelled hours before I was due to go into Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Once I was even gowned and stockings on ready to go down to theatre when the cancellation came. I know I am not the only one to go through this, in fact this is becoming a common occurrence from the other patients I have spoken to. There is no explanation. The NHS is there to protect patients not put them at further risk time and time again. I feel that the general population should be aware and questions answered by the NHS on why this is happening, especially from a so called flagship hospital such as Addenbooke’s.

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