Fracking debate is “twisting the arm” of local councils

Alan Melton’s statement that fracking companies “would be more than welcome” in the Fens should substantial reserve of shale gas be discovered is parallel with extraction of oil and coal.

These commodities of course have useful functions but I feel there is a tendency not to discuss the real original purpose of shale gas and oil, a vital part in the buoyancy of the earth’s upper crust.

Earthquakes have significantly increased where extraction of hidden commodities take place in great significance.

There is a tendency not to realise the real purpose of shale gas and oil which relate to the prinicple of buoyancy.

If you take it out what do you put in?

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These things relate to the natural support of the earth’s surface.

If interfered with a high risk of instability exists. Surfaces can collapse. Tremors occur.

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The government is uncannily cunning. It reduces funding for local government then offers monetary rewards to local councils if they support fracking.

An apt example of taking away with one hand and giving with the other. Twisting the arm in effect.

Can councils not see the ruse?

Trevor Bevis

St Peter’s Road, March

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