Free lunch for Home Start volunteers

VOLUNTEERS were rewarded with a free lunch for helping young families.

Home Start has trained a team of family support workers to help helps mums and dads in the early days of parenthood.

They have been on a 40 hour course to help parents cope with situations such as isolation, multiple births, illness, disability or just adjusting to a life with young children.

The volunteers, who all have parenting experience, were given a celebratory lunch at Wisbech’s Rosmini Centre before they start their programme of home help.

A spokesperson for Home Start said: “It’s about developing skills they already have and using these in a Home Start context.

“For example we help volunteers to develop active listening skills and examine their attitudes and beliefs so the support they offer is non-judgemental.

“The training gradually builds the confidence needed in order to support a family within the ethos and approach of Home Start.”

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Home Start offers support to families with children under the age of five.

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