Free transport for vulnerable people in Cambridgeshire must be equal access, a report says

Cambridgeshire County Council's County Hall

Cambridgeshire County Council's County Hall - Credit: Archant

Free transport for vulnerable people in the Fens is about to go into a three month consultation period in an effort to ensure that people get equal access to the service.

Older people, physically disabled, users of mental health services, people with learning disabilities and the long term chronically sick will be affected once the new transport strategy is drawn up in March next year.

A report due to be discussed by county councillors says that: “Adult social care does not, currently, have a transport policy for vulnerable adults which outlines whether transport will or will not be provided.

“This has led to inconsistencies in the allocation of transport within care packages.

“The absence of a policy has resulted in anomalies where service users are being provided with County Council funded transport when they have access to a mobility allowance and in some cases, a mobility vehicle.”

The aim is to devise a strategy that makes sure everyone is given the equal chance to live an independent life.

“This policy has been developed to address the lack of guidance for staff, service users and their families around the provision of transport as part of the individual’s social care support plan,” the report says.

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All assisted transport provided or arranged by Cambridgeshire County Council adult social care services team is subject to a charge per journey which will be reviewed in line with inflation as part of the consultation.

The report, due to be discussed by the county Adult Social Care Committee on Thursday December 4, says: “The aim of this policy is to support people in their independence by accessing the variety of local transport opportunities available to attend support services which promote healthy and independent living.”

Members will be recommended to approve the three month consultation to start in December and end on March 7 2015.

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