Friday Bridge farmer discovers his Turkey sheds have been stolen

SAM Flint’s farm is regularly targeted by thieves ... but even he was stunned when he discovered his TURKEY SHEDS had been stolen.

“I couldn’t believe the nerve of it,” said Mr Flint, who realised the sheds had �disappeared when he woke up on Tuesday at about 6.30am to see his turkeys running around in a field and making more noise than usual.

Mr Flint and his wife, Kim, run both a working farm and popular farm park at Woodhouse Farm in Friday Bridge.

When he investigated why the turkeys were running around with other animals he was shocked.

He said: “I thought there could be a fox around and that was why they were making all the noise.

“Then I saw the lock on the gate had been cut, the fence had been cut and the posts pulled out to allow them to drive on to the field.”

The two sections of sheds each measuring about 12ft square and worth �500, were stolen along with three pedal go-karts also worth about �500. No turkeys were stolen.

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Mr Flint, who worked with staff during the day to make sure his animals were once again secure, said: “It is the nerve of people nowadays.

“We try as much as we can with security but it is worse now the crops have been harvested because thieves can come across the fields.

“There must have been a group of them to lift the sheds up, though they are not fixed permanently to the ground.

“It’s hard to imagine if they can steal the sheds just what will go next time.

“We have had a baby goat stolen, a snake, and ride-on mowers.

“When things like this happen it is the annoyance factor because we have had to spend all day sorting things out.”

Mr Flint said the turkeys, including three rare breed types, are kept for visitors to the farm park to look at, not to be fattened up for Christmas.

CONTACT: The Crime and Incident Management Unit on 0345 456 456 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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